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released July 7, 2012



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Home Movies Pennsylvania

Home Movies is a three piece Pop Punk/Punk Rock band from PA. Started in May, 2012, Home Movies was created by Jason, Rich, and Chris. The band mixes old school Pop Punk with new school Pop Punk and 90's style Punk Rock with a bit of an edge.

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Track Name: Groundhog's Day
i don't wanna deal with you today
i just blockout the things you say
keep feeding me the same old lies
the lies about the love you hide
frustrating times of a broken soul
tormenting secrets that you hold
you say you wanna be with me
oh how deceitful you can be

just run away, run away
before it's too late
too far gone, left for dead
now this sorrow is my song

i wrap my hands around your neck
hearstopping task to get revenge
don't try to beg or look at me
how powerful those eyes can be
i crush your throat like you did my heart
how difficult for us to part
i fucked up, made a mistake
learned my lesson, now it's too late
Track Name: The Library
The library was silent
Until then became so violent
I heard the shots from outside
Now i need a place to hide
Under a desk i will sit
I just can't deal with this
I need an escape plan
Can you stay calm? Well i can't

I guess it was for the best
Can't break free from this mess
13 bodies lay and die
Families will say goodbye

I hear the gunmen enter
Two kids that i've never
Seen before, i've seen them around
Now they're the talk of the town
I look to my right now
A gun staring me down
He shoots me in the head
At 17, now i'm dead
Track Name: Eliminate Fear
so many children dying in the streets
with deadbeat fathers who they'll never meet
seems there's still nowhere to go
nowhere for peace as society grows
into a living hell with no escape
filled with murder, cold hearts and rape
ignorant elitists with their heads held high
not speaking a word, never asking why

do you know how starving feels?
have you ever killed for a meal?
do you care how much we're worth?
how many people inhabit the earth?
did you ever beg for your life?
or watched an enemy kill your wife?
have you ever tried to kill yourself?
i think it's time you shared the wealth

i see you telling lies on the news
not caring about the minds you've screwed
up and down the streets, everyone you see
asking "why don't they care about me?"
burning hearts, fire in their eyes
waiting for the day you die
turning away the people in need
living for yourself, living for your greed

raise your voice, put your fist in the air
this is the year we eliminate fear
Track Name: Fourth & Long
I wear this heart on my sleeve,
and it's bursting at the seams.
Still chasing the dreams,
what might have been.
Your patience wearing thin,
Just like a hope I try to believe in,
but at least it's something.

The light will fade away,
The dark returned today,
and I'll be right here waiting cause

I'm stronger than death,
and I'm weaker than flesh.
Still afraid of what comes next,
our last first kiss.

We'll say we'll be okay,
Say goodnight and off we go.
To our seperate ways,
I spent a night in heaven, after a life of hell.
My hearts a mess, but I did this to myself.

It's fourth and long,
and I don't got the balls
To say what needs to be said.