by Home Movies

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Acoustic versions of Home Movies songs.


released March 10, 2013

Chris Leitzel - Guitar, Vocals.
Rich Finogle Jr. - Guitar, Vocals.

Recorded at Rich's house and Chris's house in 2013 on a desktop computer and a laptop computer.

Cover Art - Molly O'Connor



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Home Movies Pennsylvania

Home Movies is a three piece Pop Punk/Punk Rock band from PA. Started in May, 2012, Home Movies was created by Jason, Rich, and Chris. The band mixes old school Pop Punk with new school Pop Punk and 90's style Punk Rock with a bit of an edge.

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Track Name: Chain Link Fences (Train Track Romance) (Acoustic)
lately i find myself interested in chain link fences
because i know, every second that i'm alone, i'll regret this
and it would be nice, to feel your hand in mine
but i'll forever kick myself, for not meeting you at the right time
there is nothing i can do, i find myself thinking of you
i can't escape these feelings, and i hope you feel it, too
it's everyday that i'm without you, and i really want to see you
so i'm counting on all these songs to help me get through

i'm tired of pretending that i don't want you
i'm tired of pretending that i don't need you
I wish i had a choice, i just want to hear your voice
you know, i'm tired of pretending that i'm okay without you

lately i've been finding romance in train tracks
because i know that when i leave, i'll want to come back
so this will help me when i'm not around
and i'll forever kick myself for not being there when you're down
the truth here is that i can't let you in on how i feel
part of me wishes that there is no way you'd be real
you're way too perfect for me, and i hate that
so won't you please go away, and never come back

lately i find myself interested in chain link fences
because i know, they can trap me in a world without you
Track Name: The Library (Acoustic)
The library was silent
Until then became so violent
I heard the shots from outside
Now i need a place to hide
Under a desk i will sit
I just can't deal with this
I need an escape plan
Can you stay calm? Well i can't

I guess it was for the best
Can't break free from this mess
13 bodies lay and die
Families will say goodbye

I hear the gunmen enter
Two kids that i've never
Seen before, i've seen them around
Now they're the talk of the town
I look to my right now
A gun staring me down
He shoots me in the head
At 17, now i'm dead